Simple jokes which will be funny even after 100 times watching them πŸ˜† || SM TV

We all time make Video with scripting. This video are no any sort of threat. This video are totally acting no danger no hazardous act no physical harm or death it's okay for Viewers.
Timeless , having a good time from sleeping guys, misconceptions and etc. Everything like!

We are a group of buddies that like making comedy sketches and entertain people!!! Our jokes are basic and enjoyable!

In some cases we utilize a great deal of people in our material.
At this time we make some silly videos and if enjoy them, I will challenge can't stop laughing
Now we are attempting to make the best sketch videos however we still have some mistakes. So please remark and inform us, what are our errors? We will attempt to solve this issue as quickly as possible. Please see our videos to provide us the motivation to do our best.

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which will be funny even after 100 times watching them πŸ˜† ||

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