10+ People Experienced Enigmatic Encounters That Continue to Unsettle Them Even Now

10+ Individuals Experienced That Continue to Agitate Them

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10+ People Experienced Encounters That Continue to Unsettle Them

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  1. One day in my apartment the attic door suddenly opened. Nobody was there I searched and searched. It was the weirdest thing.

  2. The late aunt at the grandmothers house is kinda cute. You saw a person you might have never seen if not for you being there at the time. And they’re related.
    Here’s a mystery from my life, less creepy than the other ones here. One time the power was cut, and we heard noises from downstairs. When we went there, the breakers were thrown but nothing else was off, the garage wasn’t busted open (it’s made of panels), no doors were unlocked. No dead bodies in the eletric fence.
    Wait what, I hear whispering. I’m in the same house. FUU

  3. I went to use the bathroom in my aunts house. It was locked. I knocked and a loud voice said “I’m in here!” It was my uncle, I had no idea he was using the bathroom. 😮😮😮

  4. The figure seen by the multi-generation of females is nothing to fear. He (people who have this experience always say it’s a male) is watching over them all, a ghostly talisman, as it were. There’s a familial attachment, even if you don’t know him, he’s a relative. A lovely one.

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