10+ People Who Found Out Their Family Was Hiding Something From Them

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10+ People Who Found Out Their Family Was Hiding Something From Them

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  1. Oh dear, oh dear. Takes the old saying “You can choose your friends, but you CAN NOT choose your relatives” to a whole new level.

  2. My wife in her 60’s found out two years ago through DNA that her Dad who passed away years ago was not her father. A close family friend was, she also found out her brother who is 7 years older had the same father, so they are full siblings.
    She then found out she had three younger half siblings, she is so happy she has a younger sister now. It’s been a interesting two years

  3. My mate went around after his Mother in Law died, a single parent whose husband left when the two children were toddlers, always worked menial jobs, struggled to buy herself a mean little house. In retirement lived off scraps and wouldn’t accept help. As he cleaned her house he kept finding cash. After the third find, he rang his brother-in-law and asked him to come, he became worried he may be accused of taking money, the cleaned up the house together, found just over $200,000, the largest single amount was over $50,000 in a bucket in the laundry. Then, a week later, the brother-in-law rang him and they went back and checked under the house and in the ceiling, found another $200,000.

    1. My grandmother was similar. She controlled all the finances. She kept money in the bank instead of her house but my grandfather wasn’t allowed to look into any of it and he basically got an allowance even though he was the single breadwinner in the family. My grandmother was always buying things that he knew about but didn’t really know what they were or what they were worth. When she died he was going through the finances and found out he had a half a million dollars in the bank. And the stuff she had been buying was now very expensive artwork. We found hundreds of limited edition and first edition paintings in there basement.

    2. @@alicewilloughby4318 not any idea, there were some speculations, she had a small bank account, the records indicated only her pension in and out

    1. My Dad was married twice. His daughter of that marriage was my half-sister, although I called her Auntie when I was a child because of a 25 year age difference.

  4. Thirteen years ago my soulmate husband of 24 years died suddenly. In the months after his death I kept finding notes that said if you find this note know that I love you. It kept me going for a very long time. I don’t know if he meant me to find them when he was still alive but I cherished them all the same.

    1. After my beloved second husband passed, I missed him terribly for many years. I loaned my sewing box to a neighbor one day, so he could sew on his buttons, and he brought the box back and asked me if I’d seen the note inside.

      Of course, I hadn’t, but I searched and, neatly curled along the inner edge of the circular sewing case, was a note from my late husband. It read, “Never forget that you’re very much loved…by me!” I sat right down and cried.

  5. I found out thru my cousin (the daughter of my father’s brother) that Dad had fathered a child with a young girl when Dad was in his 20s. So I had a half brother 13 years my senior. And then I found out that my sister had known this for decades and had even been in frequent contact with my half brother. Not only had she withheld this info from me, but she had never told him — my half brother — about me. So I never knew and & never had a chance to meet him or talk with him. He died two years ago. I haven’t spoken with my sister since and see no reason to do so.

    1. There’s literally nothing worse than relatives intercepting and gatekeeping information. An example is the story in the video where the mother decided to keep the letters to her son, from the girl he made pregnant. It breaks my heart. My family kept all kinds of information from me and I purposely don’t have any contact with them now. So I fully understand your situation

  6. 0:15 – We can’t know her motivations, of course, but it’s lhard no to judge the grandfather’s other.
    2:44 – Good Lord, you can’t even use the word “sick” on YouTube without having to break uo the word?! Also, the story is really touching.
    4:24 – The idea of selling your child just chills me. I wonder if Grandpa really just “didn’t want a girl” or if he felt he couldn’t trust himself with a girl and felt that selling her was for her own good? I guess we’ll never know.

  7. The child referred to in the final story, who was not allowed to attend her bio father’s funeral, is NOT the step-sister of his other children, she is the HALF sister. Step siblings bear no blood relation; half siblings share a bio parent.

  8. When I was a kid, there was a family that didn’t trust banks either. They collected quarters and half dollars in pill bottles. They were convinced they were prepared for any emergency, until their house burned down. The fire fighters kept pulling out chunks of melted plastic and metal. They were pretty much worthless because they were too damaged to prove they had once been money. They were interesting to look at, though.

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