10+ The Strangest Things Adults Believed When They Were Kids

10+ The Thought When They Were Kids

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10+ The Things When They Were Kids

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  1. Ok, not “10+”, just 10. Also, the picture backgrounds are rather wasted being BEHIND what we’re reading, so we can barely see them…

  2. When I was a kid, I asked my aunt where did I get the hiccups from and she said “Your father”. I believed this for many years.

  3. Yeah, these are strange if children really did think like this. Like the one where they thought that kissing the bride determined how many babies they would have. Give me a break. Then, the one about the woman who had sextruplets, one in each calf, and one under each arm. Talk about out in left field… WOW. 😅

  4. I asked my mom what the roadside sign meant. Deer crossing. Made sense to me. We had pedestrian crossings. For MANY years, every time we approached a deer crossing sign I looked for the deer lined up waiting to cross. Cause, you know, they would all come to the sign. Right? No jay walking for the wildlife.

  5. I was a freshman in high school before I learned exactly how a woman got pregnant. Until then I thought French Kissing was the culprit.

  6. growing up with adult kept on telling lie after lie.
    the existence of monster under the bed, toothfairy, santa, jesus, etc.

  7. When I was a kid I thought that a belly button was the logical place for a baby to come out. I was always afraid that mine would pop open by accident one day and, since I didn’t have a baby in my belly, my guts would fall out.

  8. I was firmly convinced that my birthday was the 8th of every month until I was 6 and got upset there was no cake. I don’t know why I never realized there was no cake every month before that moment.

  9. Here in Australia we have the typical Koala/Wombat crossings … as a child I always wondered how they knew to cross there? My husband had a funny one: He always wonderted who ‘mowed’ the hills …. because it always looked so neat….

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