10+ True Stories That Took the Most Unexpected Turn

10+ Real That Took the Most

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10+ True That Took the Most

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  1. The number of people who dont take the rest of the families genes into account before screaming cheater is scary.

    1. the family may not even know it; what’s interesting is that East Indian genes pop up: my Dutch boss was very rouge red, while his brother looked like a member of the blonde Aryan Nations. It skips generations. Black African usually dilutes in a predictable % each eng., so this story the “African” could more likely had East Indian blood as well.

  2. My husband and I did the Ancestry DNA. We each have a parent who was adopted, so we basically didn’t know half of our lineage. Turns out he has 12% African and I have 12% Iberian Peninsula! 12% is a great-grandparent. He does have dark brown eyes and tans easily. I’m very fair and blue-eyed. Genetics are fascinating!

  3. Love knowing when the text is going to disappear so I know how much time I have to read it. Great addition. Thank you

    1. @sandrasabrina2973 You can change the speed of the video. Go up to the left hand corner and click on the sprocket.

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