Advertisements So Clever, They Deserve A Permanent Spot On The Internet || Funny Daily

Ads So Smart, They Should Have A Long-term Spot On The Internet|| Amusing Daily
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Advertisements , They Deserve A Permanent Spot On The Internet || Funny Daily

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  1. Agree with Sharon. I had to pause for some and did figure most out, but others….hmmm. Advertising should get people’s attention, then they should be able to “get it”. If they have to really think, then scratch their heads, then it is not good advertising.

  2. Like architecture awards, normal rational people scratch their heads and think “eh?”. Arty but no message that i could see!

  3. Really cleaver, I didn’t get the Nivea ad though. 6:33 I have a Jimi Hendrix album recorded live in the studio for Radio One in 1967 and released in 1988 titled
    Jimi Hendrix Experience: Radio One. It is mega awesome. 🎸

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