All of Hostile Architecture (unpleasant design, defensive urban design) in the world

All of Architecture (unpleasant style, protective style) on the planet

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All of Hostile Architecture (unpleasant , ) in the world

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  1. You won’t like this. However. If it were not for people taking advantage of the situation. This would not be a thing. People abusing the property of others has led to measures that needed to be taken.

    1. I assume you are American and have not yet grasped the concept that the country is a community, and that public facilities are actually owned by the citizens. That would also include homeless citizens. Doing anything possible to make homeless people lives even more miserable than they are is quintessentially American. You have no sense of society in that country. And that is why there is rampant inequality.

    2. @AP-yd1wz  i assume that you have never lived in an area with a high homeless population. I am very well aware of how easily one can become homeless. I am also very well aware of how aggressive that the homeless can get. Or how trashed a place becomes. I live near Austin Texas. The homeless are very aggressive. Most do not want help. They want drugs. You give them a $20. They hand it to another person who gives them a needle. They deficate on other people’s property. Do you want that? Do you want to be attacked by someone high as a kite while trying to go to a pizza shop? Do you want your business robbed or vandalized? Do you want to go to a bus stop and try to sit on the bench only to find it covered in urine? This is a reality.

    3. ​@@Rain-on-Waterno, I want to live in a society where substance abuse treatment, access to mental and physical health care and help to access education and training are all freely and easily accessible. Where the minimum wage is high enough to live on and low-income and supported housing exists in adequate amounts. I want to live in a society where the response to having a huge impoverished, disadvantaged and disenfranchised underclass isn’t to put a larger proportion of your population in prison than any other country on earth. Where the foster care system is so broken that the children who age out of it are more than likely to end up joining those homeless or prison populations.

      I understand that living alongside violent addicts isn’t pleasant (and that’s an understatement) but trying to use architecture to keep them away and push them “somewhere else” does nothing to solve the problem. It just puts it “out of sight, out of mind.” The USA spends more on its military than any other country, more than several of the next-largest spenders combined. Even a fraction of that money spent tackling homelessness and the issues that contribute to it would make a huge difference.

    4. @PonderingStudent  No one wants homelessness. However. Reality is Reality. If it were up to me. There would be places for the mentally ill ( besides prison). However. I also look at what it does to places. High crime, vandalism. And such. Do you want a business in a homeless area? Let’s be real. You would not. Do you want to go to a bus stop and sit in urine and be pestered or robbed for money? Of course not.

    5. @@PonderingStudent The US spends so much on the military because we have to supplement every ally’s meager military spending.

  2. As someone with a disability that causes me to take short rests when I am out and about on foot, blocking seating areas is a real problem. This would force me into a wheelchair when what I want is to walk. Ugh. For people who sleep at night on benches, who are they hurting? I’m not at the park at midnight. Some situations may have to be shut down, like drug shooting areas in parks, but wouldn’t it be better to provide safe spaces for that?

    1. I’m in Colorado at the moment. If you are homeless and seeking help…DO NOT COME HERE!! I lost my apartment in Utah and was forced to move myself and my cat elsewhere. I came to Colorado hoping the homeless services were better…NOPE!! As of tomorrow, my cat and I will be camping on a random street corner until my next check.

    2. Search and you shall find…
      The outdoor people have long since invented a walking stick with a built in foldable seat.

  3. Enough already with the bloody benches. This is alas yet another mistitled YT video and try as I might, I can’t be arsed to watch any more.
    Architects are in desperate need of a good kicking for not thinking beyond the initial look of the thing they’ve created FOR US TO ENJOY… and this video just lets them off the hook.

  4. Author you get a big thumbs up, to the people installing these horrible devices – I hope that one day this come back to bite you, hard, very hard!

  5. These devices aren’t just hostile to homeless people, but also plus sized people and disabled people. Heck, there’s barely room for a skinny person to sit in some of those spaces!

  6. If people really care about the homeless, help with the problem, not give them a place to be homeless. That seems more cruel.

  7. When a path is shared by pedestrians and cyclists, barriers like those at 17:17 to slow cyclists down make a lot of sense.

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