Annoying Things That Will Ruin Your Day

That Will

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    1. Had a similar thing, but in a make a phrase card game : I had nothing BUT nouns in one hand, and, in the second hand, nothing but verbs. Worst part, it was in class and counted as an exam. Your score in the game, was your note.

  1. I don’t understand the people that accept other people invading their space. Tug the hair if it hangs over the seat, kick the guy who places his leg in your personal space etc. or be friendly and ask to remove their appendages out of your space. You don’t have to be friendly to rude people. If you accept their rude behavior you encourage them and they never learn it’s wrong.
    9:48 You did something wrong. I’m German and had the same problem in a train with a fellow passenger. A short call at the conductor, he had one warning for her and because she did not follow his instructions she had to leave the train at the next station and he called the police because not wearing a mask will get you a fine between 70€ and 250€ and in the worst case if you are rude a court date.

    1. For the hair invasion, having some scissors would be great… Just cut off the invading part as discretely as possible.

  2. At 2:45. Stop complaining. Bathroom in my school didn’t have walls between toilets. Just a row of them side by side.

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