Bizarre People You Would Only See At Walmart 2️⃣

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  1. As someone who works at Walmart, none of these people come close to this one guy named Mark

    3:10 Except this. I’ve seen a pickup truck with two people and three dogs living in it parked in the lot here before. They had just about as much stuff as seen here, every time I walked by it I got an absolutely putrid smell from it. If there wasn’t a dead body in there, I don’t know what that could’ve been

  2. The first image shouldn’t be in a video like this, LET ALONE BE THE FIRST IMAGE IN A VIDEO LIKE THIS!!!!

  3. Thx I really like this intro! Of course the rest of the video was good to, like it always is. Idk how you make videos so fast, but I made them part of my daily, “routine.” 😉😁

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