Buy It For Life: Durable Products That Deliver No Matter How Old They Are – Part 3

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: Durable Products That Deliver No Matter How Old They Are – Part 3

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  1. 1. When my mother moved out in 1964, my grandmother bought her a soup pot. My sister has it now. 2. I bought drinking glasses of a high quality brand about 20 yrs ago, and despite daily use, they have the same sparkle and not a scratch. 3. I know this may not count as durability, but I have a Chinese fan I bought around 1980. It says “Made in the People’s Republic of China”, not “Made in China”. Time flies.

  2. At age 14 my mom bought me a “digital” clock at a Kmart sidewalk sale. It is the type that has the numbers that flip on a reel type mechanism. Since it had a small crack on it, it was half price . . . one dollar. At 17, a friend of mine put an LED light in it for me, back when LED’s were just starting to be sold at Radio Shack. It put out a dull sepia colored light.

    I’ve had it on every night stand I’ve ever had since I got it. Always plugged in. I’m 67 now. Even the 50 year old LED is still working.

  3. My mother finished their home in 1998 with all new appliances. EVERY ONE has been serviced multiple times but most replaced.Fridge 2X’s their 35 year old washer and dryer and older fridge in garage still hummin’ along , Rediculous
    All of my guitars are over 30yrs old .One is 51 years old and was smashed to bits and restored
    and they are al;l incredible .

  4. 65 Dodge Dart, 80 Toyota Pickup, 95 Dodge Caravan, and a set of Shell (giveaway) steak knives from the early 60s. Just a fraction of what was and still is. Have several other items shown here that still do the job.

  5. 0:52 In 1880 someone went down a mineshaft , removed their jeans and walked out with no pants on !!

  6. My husband bought a West Bend crock pot in 1975. This is the type of crock pot that the base and the pot are separate. It will soon be 50 years old and still going strong. We are dreading the day it goes to the great cookout in the sky.

  7. 10:14, when my parents married in ‘59 my grandmother gave them her used waffle maker, it was used almost weekly and when mom went into assisted care my older sister got it, and uses it weekly…they made stuff to last back then, too bad that’s not the case today

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