City Architects Failed To Understand People’s Needs

To Understand People's Needs

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To Understand People’s Needs

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  1. I love finding a path the deer have chosen to walk.
    It would be lovely to take note of a path people have carved out, then pave that.

  2. We had paths from my great grandfather’s house to my gramma’s house and from our house to gramma’s house and another to great grandfather’s house. We all lived next door to each other. My uncle now lives in great grandpa’s house. Rebuilt of course.
    Then my dad and siblings made a path to the school thru the woods which is no longer used but when I was young I used it quite a bit to walk to school. Alone. Thru the woods. Not even scared of the animals that lived there. Ooooooo. Lol

  3. Seriously…what does the title of this video have to do with the pictures??? The first 4 so far are not about city architects at all

  4. English: Desire Path 🤩
    German: Trampelpfad 😑

    Trampeln means to walk in the least elegant way, to walk with quite a force and with alot of noise.

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