“Classic Urban Planning” Spot-On Memes That Highlight The Absurdity Of Modern City Planning

"Timeless Urban Planning" Spot-On That Highlight The Absurdity Of Modern City Preparation
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” Spot-On Memes That Highlight The Absurdity Of Modern City Planning

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  1. What kind of garbage propaganda is this?! Row homes suck so hard. Single family homes are the best, and don’t cost anymore than row homes. This channel sucks. 👎👎👎👎

  2. In all fairness, American roundabouts are stupid. They make sense if you have 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. roads all converging on one location like they do in Europe. But America doesn’t need a roundabout at every single 4 way intersection.

    1. Nah, best to have a lightbulb dictate your wait time. No need to use too much brain capacity that way.

    2. Not true – most UK roundabouts are for 2,3 or 4 way in intersections – and because the priority rule is consistent for them all (give way to vehicles already on the roundabout, approaching from the driver’s side) they’re much safer than the US junctions where priorities are either unclear or non-existent.

    3. Most American cities are not laid out in a manner conducive to roundabouts. Maybe in a more rural setting, but drivers are accustomed to traffic lights.

    4. In my area many stop-sign intersections have been replaced by roundabouts, so I have driven them as stop signs and as roundabouts.

      The roundabouts are significantly better. They are faster and easier to drive through correctly (and therefore safer).

    5. So many Americans just don’t understand how a round-about works. I’ve drive. In many really old city’s in the north that have had round- about for years and people still don’t grasp how they work? And maybe there should be a bit of explanation in the driver’s handbook in every state that already has or potentially will be getting some! It’s very easy unless you are stupid? We have a small,one within a parking lot and people still don’t grasp who has the right of way and who doesn’t!!! Round aboits work just fine when people actually pay attention!!!

    1. WTF are you talking about? How is that “Chinese” music….classical guitar, piano, saxaphone? Seek help. And even if it was, turn off the audio and play whatever kind of music you want if it makes you feel better numb nuts.

  3. Not everyone likes neighbors. I prefer mine where I can almost see them through the woods. Multi family homes are a public safety nightmare.

  4. My neighbors and I have had so many disputes with planning and zoning (and a nearby quarry, ok, maybe not urban but still annoying 😒). This is priceless.

  5. I like the story that God must be an urban planner, using the female body as an example – who else would site a play area between two sewage outlets?

  6. 1:27 is actually right, reliable public trasport is not really achievable at the moment, so getting rid of old legacy cars with combustion engines and replace them with proper cars which can even be charged with the power coming from your roof is a sensible first step. The need for transportation is given and must be served, so electric cars are the solution to improve overall life quality due to no noise, much more efficience, much more fun to drive and even improve the health without all the exhaust fumes. Later – or even in parallel – public transport can get optimized, each one does not exclude the other.
    Thankfully, at least in the EU we get rid of the useless combustion engine cars beginning in 2035, even if some partys and companys stuck in the past are lobbying against the future to hide the massive wrong decisions these companys made in the last 2 decades. Just like Grundig and Telefunken and even Nokia, there is no need for obsolete technologies while at the same time reducing quality and being to expensive, so manufacturers not evolving to eletric cars won’t be in the market anylonger.

  7. Why would anyone live in a row house, which have basically only disadvantages, at least if the insulation is done properly. With no insulation at all or done the american way(ok, basically the same), row house have at least 2 walls less where the heat can escape, that would be the only advantage.

  8. I hereby “Thank [you?] for watching” as indicated before every video. It says “Thank for watching”. I hope I did this correctly. 😉

  9. All those ‘where this is allowed, this should also be allowed’ and showing homes on top and then smushed together on the bottom… I’m sorry but why do you HAVE to? I honestly HATE sharing a wall with another building, you hear everything, if they smoke anything and it settles into YOUR furniture as it floods your apartment and causes problems with your asthma… yet nothing can be done about it…. no thanks. Give me my footage of you stay there and I stay here.

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