Contenders For The Award Of Worst Mistake At Work || Funny Daily

Contenders For The Of || Daily
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Contenders For The Of Worst Mistake At Work || Funny Daily

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  1. I dropped 75 dollars of tzaxiki and it flowed like a river from the kitchen to the dining room right in front of the owner So busted!

  2. Working at a car dealer’s & jumped into a vehicle, hit the key & sailed right into another vehicle (both new units). First 5-6 were automatic but this was a standard so kind of missed the clutch!

  3. Initially I thought the first one was talking about restaurant servers. Disturbingly nonchalant. But at least they put up a sign.

    Then the ol’ brain kicked in.

  4. Not me, but while I was a prof, the entire university, everyone, received an email from the President welcoming our new “Director of Pubic Relations”.

  5. So many embarrassments! All the IT ones explain a lot – I was right to think quality had dropped due to bad employees.

  6. I wanted to LEAVE a sharepoint group, but instead I DELETED the whole thing. As I was not aware of what I did, and it was only realized months later that data for the yearly audit were unavailable, it was too late to retrieve the data or reactivate the Sharepoint. But I had fool‘s luck! A colleague had made a copy of the most important data just a week before I deleted the whole thing, just out of a hunch! 🥳

  7. Colleague was supposed to order 4 packs of plastic bags but ordered 4 pallets.
    Friend collected post from the post room where she worked then dropped it in the elevator where hit a gap and fell down the shaft: just ptetended there was no post that day.
    Friend’s brother worked for a major bank and misdirected a million – fortunately went to another major bank who wanted to know why they received it .

  8. I put a tool upside-down in a horizontal CNC machine to adjust it. Forgot to put it back right-side up. Destroyed tool and shredded CNC spindle.
    25,000 dollars. I got written up.

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