“Don’t Happy, Be Worry” Hilariously Relatable Mental Health Memes || Funny Daily

"Don't Pleased, Be Worry" || Amusing Daily
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“Don’t Happy, Be Worry” Memes || Funny Daily

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  1. Though alot of truth here, there’s only one _real_ way out of all of it. When you totally put your life in His hands, you’ll never have any of these issues again

    1. False. It doesn’t say that. It says we will be able to bare them without falling apart mentally or emotionally via His Holy Spirit

  2. 1:52 Honestly I haven’t written anything to someone I’ve seen on TV since Davy Jones. Yes, I am that old; but dear brave man I had to tell you how incredibly brave, kind and showing the best of humanity. I have suffered from depression, anxiety and crippling panic attacks. I have woken up at nigh gasping for breath. I never could describe this “feeling” as you just did. Thank you so very much

  3. Sister of that picture. Grow up…learn to laugh at yourself and it gets better😊 been there, done that…😊😊😊😊

  4. 4:31…maybe you need to realize that (metaphorically) like the duck, you are capable of flying, so the edge isn’t really an issue.

  5. 5:13 The guy in the picture on the right is saying “DON’T DO THIS!!” and points to the picture on the left.

  6. Can relate a lot. Just not to those that write “u” for “you” and “4” for “for” or “2” for “to”, that’s awful.

  7. 10:35 I was typing the phrase “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”… but made a typo such that it came out “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stranger.” I found this oddly accurate and profound… and just left it.

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