Examples Of Beauty Salons Doing People Dirty

Examples Of Dirty

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Examples Of Beauty Dirty

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  1. A mortician could do a better job than these makeup artists. These people should list the salon/artist name so everyone knows who did it. Yikes.

  2. This is why I’ve been cutting my own hair for the last 50 years. When I was 19 years old, my regular hairdresser went on vacation for three months. While he was gone, I did my own layered cut, copying the way I”d watched him do it. When he got back, I went to get a trim. He combed through my hair and asked who had been cutting my hair. I apologized and said I did it myself. He asked me if I wanted a job and said he couldn’t believe I managed to cut the hair in the back and get it so perfect. Figured after that that I might as well do it myself and save $$$. I had a hairdresser cut my hair one time about 30 years ago and she screwed it up so bad I learned my lesson. My only advice is to buy a GOOD PAIR of professional scizzors. Cut off less than you think you need to – you can always cut more.

    1. My mother took me to get the Princess Diana haircut when I was five (it was a rage around the time Lady Diana died). The hairdresser gave me a crew cut instead. I cried all the way home. I never go to a hairdresser anymore. I have tailbone length hair now and I easily trim it at home. So much better.

  3. Are you all paying attention to what’s being done?!? STOP THEM ON THE SPOT! Some of these pics show after photos without styling..
    Dye jobs horrendous. Vaseline on hairline is a must for dying.

  4. Let’s see…a hairdresser cut a FOOT off my hair once when I asked for a trim.

    Another time, the hairdresser left the curlers/solution of a permanent wave on for much too long (I was begging her to come take them out as my scalp was being BURNED). When she finally took the curlers out, my hair was burned off and was wrapped around the curlers (over a foot of my hair was gone and I had second degree chemical burns on my scalp). I sued her and the salon and won.

    After that disaster, it took years for me to go back to any salon. I’ve been with the same stylist for decades now (I am 66 yo). She’s worth waiting for! Thanks, Sakia!

  5. Yes, many of these hair cuts were bad. I do wonder about how they graduated from Cosmetology School. But, I do have a saying to explain an incompetent worker, “SOMEONE has to graduate last in a class.” As far as getting nails and make up done: I dont understand why people get their nails done. It just destroys your own nails because they can’t breathe. Plus having cuticles cut can cause severe infections or permanently change the shape of the nail and not in a good way. I wouldn’t trust makeup either for being safe. Its supposed to be new for each client but I’m sure many make up artists find ways to cover up reusing items and there are many distracted clients that will miss seeing a suspect item. Having ones make up done poorly is probably the least of ones worry. Also, only one “bride” mentioned she had a trial with her makeup artist. THIS is a must for any wedding party that is going to use a stranger (to them, as far as applying make up).

  6. I don’t give a damn what the results are, if you’re willing to cough up hundreds of dollars for a haircut, you are a bona fide potato.

  7. Virgin hair can’t hold up curls. I say this from experience of having my straight hair curled for school related parties. My curls only last 2 minutes before disappearing 😅😅

  8. 3:54
    No joke, I had to look real hard to make sure that wasn’t photoshopped.
    You know that makeup job is an atrocious war crime and should be tried at the Hague when it’s so bad it doesn’t even look real.

  9. 10:45
    They probably didn’t know what to do because of those disgusting worm lips. Looks like they just did the best they could to try to draw attention from the woman’s poor life choices.

  10. 1:48- Eyebrows??? That’s what you’re concerned about? Your Eyebrows? 😂😂😂 WtF did they do to your face??? (rhetorical)😂😂😂 well at least she can wash that off her poor face quickly. The cuts and dye jobs are horrible situations to be in. Dayuummm.

  11. You realise the pictures you give to hair dressers and nail artists, those photos are all photo shopped 🙄

  12. I went to Cosmetology college and no one come close to turning these cuts out
    Horrible and I hate to say its been
    hacked. Good luck finding a hairdresser who knows how to cut and color correctly.

  13. Before my dads stepmoms wedding I went to a nailsalon and they did a realy nice job.
    3 years later I went back there the day before my graduation prom. Had the exact same person do the exact same thing (painting my nails) …..it started wearing of the second I was out the door (like in the hallway of the business). I went back to have her fix it imediately …..haven´t been back since…

  14. Seeing things like this makes me so glad I wear tichel-style head wraps. I get to change my “hair” everyday (or multiple times in a day, if I want to), it is so easy to dress up/down, easy to play with trends (without having to make an hours-long and $$$ commitment in a salon chair…to possibly get some of the above disappointing results), easy to fix/change if you get caught in a rain storm (and impervious to wind!)…and, oh yeah, doing my “hair” in the morning takes less than two minutes, on average.

    Also, I can’t even about every makeup fiasco on this video. I mean, wtf…just wtf…

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