Examples Of Petty Revenge On People Who Are Jerks 2

Of Petty Vengeance On Individuals Are

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Of On People Are 2

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  1. For the one at 6:15 (the bag of cigarette butts) you should have dumped the butts all over his lawn instead of leaving them in the bag. I too am sick of this disgusting habit of smokers of throwing their cigarette butts and empty cigarette packages everywhere, as if the planet is their personal ashtray. If I have garbage and there isn’t a garbage can right next to me I don’t throw my garbage on the ground. I wait until I get to a garbage can. I guess smokers are just too lazy and irresponsible to do likewise.

  2. Humans are assholes on purpose. Animals are not. You’re just not recognizing their needs and wants appropriately. Don’t be dicks to Animals.

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