Extremely Infuriating | People Got So Mad About Something

|People Got So Mad About Something

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| People Got So Mad About Something

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  1. I’m so glad I went to school in the ’80s and ’90s. With the hordes of self-appointed moral compasses and gatekeepers running around these days, modern schools have got to be oppressive as all hell.

    1. However back in the 80s and 90s we didnt have things like Social Media, TikTok or the likes to be worrying about with their stupid trends.

  2. With that woman who didn’t let her son sleep without her permission, it feels like there’s more context that she left out or something. I might be wrong though.

  3. A tree that belongs to an endangerd species growing next to a sidewalk in an urban area ? What kind of tree was it? You don’t know do you , was it ” destroyed ” or moved ? You dont know do you ….this channel is one big lie

  4. Did a dog really hear a dump truck a mile away and put a small hole in a wall several inches of the floor ? must have been a very small 200 pound dog or you are lying LMAO

  5. Yes it is legal for a smoke detector to run out of battery day or night , that is a very stupid quetion

  6. There is no equipment on the concert stage yet and no band in sight , this a long time before the concert started ……your channel won’t be around much longer

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