Food, But Make It Absurd: Memes From The ‘Boys Who Can Cook’ IG Page (New Pics) || Funny Daily

, However Make It Unreasonable: Memes From The 'Boys Who Can Prepare' IG Page (New Pics)|| Amusing Daily
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Food, But Make It Absurd: Memes From The ‘’ IG Page (New Pics) || Funny Daily

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  1. Sister of that< picture that grilled cheese buns for a hamburger looks and sounds wonderful!!!😊😊😊😊

  2. I assume what we were just tortured with viewing is the banquet items for the next GOP delegate celebration.

  3. Some of those are just revolting but the burger with grilled cheese as the bun is truly inspired.

  4. That chocolate chip cookie with a shrimp on it is just wrong!

    You have to peel the tail off of the shrimp BEFORE you add it to the cookie.

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