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"For The Odd, , Odd And Bizarre" (New Pics)|| Daily
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, Strange, Odd And Bizarre” (New Pics) || Funny Daily

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  1. The pearl like object that ‘popped’ out of a spot looked like you’d been shot by a BB gun

  2. The purple rain is a princely sight…
    The kids drawing,.. better call Zak of Ghost Adventures…
    The guy with the person who vanished, develop that film at your own peril!

  3. The illuminated drain is a result of a basement light being on that is near the drain. The PVC pipe being used for the drain is semi-transparent and lets some light pass through it.

  4. About the children getting UV treatments in Siberia. Why don’t they just give them vitamin D supplements? Vitamin D is the reason they need the UV treatments in the middle of winter.

    1. Im a Finn, we have vitamin D put in nearly everything, like milk and other stuff, but it just doesnt absorb as well. Sun, or UV treatment, does better job. I remember being very dramatic with the necessary supplements as a toddler, this tiny bead was “too big” to swallow.. Mom outsmarted me by telling that I cant become a princess if I dont take them. Suddenly it wasnt a problem anymore. Still not a princess, hmm…

    1. bed bug bites, those wounds are to far apart for spiders while bed bugs each take a nip then suck blood.

  5. 6:16 says: Announcement all residents of unit 5
    There is no one on this floor
    Z hengyang phone number: 2
    If someone knocks or pries the door
    Please call the police

  6. I saw the lizard right away … zoomed in on him because I thought wtf is that?! 🇨🇦🖖🏻🇨🇦

  7. Swiss chard isn’t a snack! It’s a punishment your Mom puts upon you for not liking her garden produce!

    1. What’s more, you’re not supposed to eat it raw, it will probably make you sick if you don’t cook it. Although I find it quite delicious when sautéed in some nice garlic-infused butter and finished with a squeeze of lemon!

  8. 8:46 looks like a bunch of baby chicks huddling under a brooder. That mushroom shaped object near them is for water.

  9. I’m thinking they’re throwing out those water bottles from the mall illegally and that’s why the security guard doesn’t want evidence. Maybe they get money for them? Idk maybe send it to the owners or property manager of the mall.

    The last skin mark (hexagon) looks like he sleeps on something like a button?

  10. 4:47 Burn your bed, clean your bedroom and buy a new bed: Problem solved.
    9:15 “NEW House”? Doesn’t look very new to me !!

    1. “My new house” doesn’t need to mean it’s actually brand new… Just that they recently moved in.

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