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  1. I feel sorry for these animals I mean ya it’s fun for us to see them up close but they shouldn’t be stuck in small areas they should be roaming free

    1. A lot of these could be sanctuaries. And to pay for the care for the animals they charge ppl to come see them. There are some beautiful sanctuaries out there that rescue animals. I’m conflicted on how great freedom is for animals xD if a predator doesn’t get them, their lifespan is usually cut in half from stress or disease. But there is the whole dog eat dog thing that keeps populations in check. But if you’re simply talking about the animals happiness. I really don’t think being in fear and half starving everyday until you keel over is fun.

    1. i hate the way you think, you must know that everybody knows that kids are like cubs and these animals will never eat their cubs

    1. @Steve Barlowe cubs are not food, so they are poor because of their captivity, and they have free meal everyday, so it thinking that we are seen as food doesn’t make any sense

  2. The one with the baby boy sitting there without a care in the world, while there’s a lion directly behind him, trying to figure out how to bite his head off! 🤣🤣

    1. what are you talking about? a baby boy is like a cub and lions never bite cubs’s heads off 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    2. @🕷Spider🍒Cherry I live in this planet, but would you do something to adult species or cubs? That’s what I meant

  3. i can’t understand why some of these parents let their children antagonize the animals and bang on the glass? teach them to treat wild animals with respect

    1. I miss going to zoo. This is the only thing I don’t like about the visitor who likes to treat the zoo like play ground with misbehaving kids. While the parents just either sit around or just stand there while laughing.

  4. So here’s what’s interesting to me from a nature vs nurture perspective! I’m no different from anyone else that likes these videos because they warm your heart and make you laugh. What I’ve noticed is that some of the animal’s want to nurture the child through play from the other side of the glass, while other’s of the same species would love nothing more than for the glass to not be there to find a live food source. So to everyone out there (and this is my ploy to make friends with people i don’t know! Lol)) i have some Freudian. Questions based on if Freud was an animal therapist.
    #1 if there was no barrier between the nurturing animal and the child would the animal care for the child or feed it to its offspring?
    And #2 would the aggressive one of the same species feel pitty to the human child’s whimpering and accept it into its pride?
    so with all of that said, does that mean that there are sociopaths amongst the animal kingdom? Are there narcissist as well? Do preditorial animal’s suffer from depression? Can preditorial animal’s value human life?

    1. @Jasmine I do agree with the part with them being alone but. Some zoos do it to protect the animals from human hunters

    2. @Your_Local_Lesbian Yes, I agree with that point as well. But the way some animals look so lonely and sad makes me question the existence of zoos. The one I went to was a free zoo, here in Chicago. But I feel a lot of animal places do things primarily for profit and the animals suffer in captivity.

    3. @Your_Local_Lesbian Also, I am not saying that all zoos or shelters are bad. Just personal experiences of seeing how small the animals’ living quarters are.

  5. I’m with you, they wonder why kids have no respect! I can’t believe how anybody can think that teasing animals is funny.

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