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  1. Years ago, my kindergarten classroom had see-through curtains instead of bathroom stalls. Luckily, it was an all-girls school. LOL

    edit: the door was a see-through curtain, the stalls didn’t have any door 😂

  2. I literally remember having one of those open kindergarten bathrooms 😂 So basically it was 3 walls and I remember I was soo embarrassed cause I had to poop, and the bathroom literally overlooked the classroom across from mine…And I remember saying hi while using the bathroom to the teacher in the other class 😂😂😂

    1. For licensing reasons children under a certain age can not be in a bathroom with a door that closes, and adults can never use children’s toilets.

  3. My son had a bathroom like that in kindergarten. I tried to get him out and into another class, but the school refused. Sure enough…we had barf bugs ALL winter long. I was so mad. Who thought that was a good idea? Not a mom!

  4. 10:28 i think it’s just doors that can be pushed in both sides but it had no logic (for them) if on both sides said push

  5. The third one with the girl coming out the slide got me hitting hard🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  6. 4:50 I really think is a genius
    i see there is tiny spots on the second buttons. so the blind persons can know
    and love your videos you’re the best! 😀

  7. 3:37 – Having a splitting slide sounds great on paper. But there’s no way to execute it correctly to my knowledge. They should have done a merging slide instead.

  8. 5:20 that is actually meant to be that the tool is for easily taking apart stubborn plastic packages, but the tool is inside so you can open stubborn packages in peace, but after this one gets opened.

  9. These designs are so obvious how did they mess that up? I love you’re videos so much ❤️

  10. 10:29 open it with the double sided plunger/cleaner. And if you don’t use the plunger on the toilet, it’s still clean enough to hold

  11. The gate that you can go around reminded me of one just like it, when I was in a parking lot, there was a door blocking the way, but I could have just went around it even thogh it was on the sidewalk. Taking 2 steps on the street wont do nuthin

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