Funniest Marketplace Listing Typos That Went Viral

Funniest Marketplace Listing Typos That Went Viral

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Funniest Marketplace Listing Typos That Went Viral

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    1. Why? Many of the words we use today have completely different spelling or pronunciation than they did originally. Language changes constantly. The common people in Shakespeare’s day used language that the nobles couldn’t understand half of the time. And many of them couldn’t read or write at all. It all worked out.

  1. I see a patter with most of these and they look like Voice to Text misspellings. I dont use voice to text myself but i assume that feature can be used for things other than literal texts.

  2. I’ve been an Oklahoma farmer for fifty years. I bet half of the farmers in SW OK calls that bob wire. Even worse, what you use to attach it to a wooden post is a “steeple.”

  3. Catholic converter…you know, the protestant ones tend to be a a little easier to understand. Cadillac converters are just as good, though,but they’re more expensive.

  4. I once saw an ad for a multiuse poodle. I presume they meant Maltese poodle. I called and asked if they thought the multiuse poodle would suit my needs because my husband wanted a dog, my daughter wanted a cat, my son wanted a parrot and I needed a mop. The lady ‘wasn’t sure’ whether it would work.

  5. To get the accent entirely correct is should be “bob waah”. I saw a sign on a porch in Colorado Springs that said “No Sicting” and thought that was as bad as it could get. I have been proven wrong.

  6. I have one. A few years ago I was looking at stuff on FB marketplace and came across a nice piece of furniture. I didn’t need it nor wanted it but the title made me crack up.
    “Chester Draws” for sale. (chest of drawers).
    I couldn’t help myself and messaged the seller. I said, “Who is Chester and why are you selling his draws?” The seller didn’t think it was funny.

  7. Some of these seem made up even though I know there are dumb people out there. They don’t know how to use spellcheck. I’m not even sure how to spell spellcheck. Is it one word or two?

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