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  1. The ‘Curl Up And Dye’ hairdressers was first seen in the original ‘The Blues Brothers film’.
    It was owned by Jake’s jilted fiance.

  2. 8:09 This not a joke. This is legitimately designed to protect children from s*xdual predators.

  3. I was doing electrical work at a scrap yard that employed a lot of immigrants, there were signs in the bathroom on every stall door, on the walls all over, something else that I’d never seen before, there were boot prints on the toilet seat. The signs weren’t in English but I was curious why there were so many of the same sign, so I took a picture and translated it. The sign said do not stand on toilet seat.

    1. Some people even Americans think toilet seats give you STDs so they stand on them. Of course it just takes one stander to make it unsanitary.

  4. My tour bus stopped at that Scotland sign and we saw the little war going on there. Pretty funny. Sorry the picture included the f word.

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