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  1. @at7:37 Im over 60yrs old! Please !” Put me out to Pasture❤ the grass is greener on the other side,!and the milk is overflowig ,it’s past your eyes( pasteurized)❤😂 MOooo❤😊❤

  2. Yep, 5:50 That word Perfectly describes outdoor Fentanyl users…

    8:28 I remember one day back in the 90’s waiting at a bus stop to go home and I saw this Mediterranean family with 3 kids about ages 6-10. The oldest one was looking all around as they were walking along the other side of the street and exclaimed with wonder “Gee, there sure is a lot of coffee and fish in this town!!” I broke out laughing!! Where were we? DT Seattle near the waterfront and Pike Place Market. And back then, Starbucks had a shop almost literally every other block, along with other local coffee shops here and there. 😂

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