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Memes That Might Get You Thinking ||

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  1. Laughed on quite of few of these. Still, I am struggling to understand how “246810” equals matter in that ‘In The End’ Linkin Park meme.

    1. @@abprairiegurl since you explained that one so well, kindly, unscramble these numbers. (Is this from a Phil Collins song? ) I know Pi is 3.14…um, er…I’m a primate. errg

  2. 9:25 Excuse me for being pedantic, but gold is a much better conductor than copper especially because it doesn’t tarnish/oxidise!

    1. Other than oxidization, how? Copper has a higher electrical conductivity than gold, and for sure is a better thermal conductor.

  3. I can relate to SALSA. I once managed a mailroom and hastily wrote down which box needed repair while I was simultaneously talking to co-workers and answering the phone. I went back to the paper and only wrote the word “BOX” on it. I was certain that I wrote down the number, but maybe in all the chaos I got interrupted before I could finish the rest of my note. At the end of the day I went back to the note as if trying to divine the number to write. Then, seeing the note from a different angle, it hit me. The B was actually 1 and 3, O was 0, and X was 4. It was 1304! It turned out that I wrote the box number down after all (and never actually wrote BOX!). Damn my dysgraphia!

    1. Imagine the pregnant woman as the actual vessel and the unborn child as the crew.

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