Funny Cat Memes That Are Better Than Netflix, As Shared On “Catsfllix” || Funny Daily

Amusing Cat That Are Much Better Than Netflix, As Shared On "Catsfllix"|| Amusing Daily
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Memes That Are Better Than Netflix, As Shared On “Catsfllix” || Funny Daily

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    1. omg, I didn’t realize that’s what that was. Thank you for pointing it out.
      I don’t approve eiither. Cats have dignity. People are idiots.

    2. The stupid, cruel things some people do! The act alone of shaving a cat is uncomfortable (for the cat), but leaving her bare skin exposed to cold, heat, and potential injury is unthinkable.

    3. That wasn’t shaven, those were natural markings that spell meow if you squint a little so they photoshopped lines over it to make it easier to see in the picture.

  1. 5:06 This person must not feed their kitty first thing. When my cat hears the alarm and sometimes before, she stops snuggling and starts jumping on my head.

  2. 4:48 So nice to see cat Oliver bringing the tea bag: at least it won’t run up your leg.😉

  3. OMG! The baby Yoda one was too much! I got a Russian Blue kitten a couple years ago and took her to the vet three days after we got home. She was whisked to the back of the vet’s for weighing and all right away. I could hear one vet tech say, “She looks like a baby Yoda!” They also said Baby looked like (my name) kind of cat. Another voice popped into the conversation: “She IS her cat!” At two she still looks like Baby Yoda, only bigger. One of my feral rescues would bring me roof moss, fir cones, torn tee shirts….

  4. Loved the four-armed person petting four cats. Well I might have one arm opening a can of catfood.

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