Funny Pics Europeans Posted To Confuse Americans || Funny Daily

Amusing Pics Europeans Posted To Puzzle Americans|| Amusing Daily
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  1. Frist item, A kettle, American minds comprehend it, What we cant comprehend is how you can stand to drink bad instant coffee and weak tea. So Suck it.

  2. Sister of that < picture. I think I understand a cheese plane, or " slicer" I have one, and use it often, since shredded cheese is coated with ?!?!? And blocks are not .. what a crappy show this time...🙄

  3. I think the correct title should be: Poor, Rural American minds can’t comprehend this… The Murica cliche is getting old…

  4. Not going to finish. Comprehended the first 20 without any trouble. Apparently the source can’t comprehend what an American can comprehend. Checking the next vid. You’ve got too many good ones to waste time on this one.

  5. The very first picture, the water boiler, I bought one at Wal-Mart. Hardly a hotbed of multiculturalism. The rest, with the exception of the British meals, are easily comprehendable. British fare, OTOH, explains the decline of the British Empire. BTW, I’ve lived in several Western European countries as well as Britian, and have had a wide exposure to the local cusiene. (Excuse the spelling.)

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