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Amusing Where Good Sense Took a (New Pictures)||
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Funny Where Common Sense Took a Vacation (New ) || Funny Daily

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  1. So nice to know there are so many WELL INFORMED, KNOWING EVERYTHING people in this world. What would we have done without their SUPER INTELLIGENCE?

  2. 7:00 I’m not able to decide whose sense took a bigger vacation – the drivers sense that parked in front of a hydrant or the NYX fire workers sense that do no realize it would have ben less time consuming and cheaper to move the hose around the car not break the windows and go through the car….. I’m really sure I would sue for unnecessary damage to my car… A fine for parking in front of a hydrant is cheaper than damaged windows and interior.

    1. Those large 6″ diameter hoses are very rigid and not as flexible as the 2 and half inch hoses used at the fire. Piss* on the fool who parked there.

    2. @@LarryDickman1 If it’s possible to go up 2 feet it’s possible to go around the back of the car, especially when the hydrant already points into the direction of the back of the car. Geez! The firetruck was nearly bumper to bumper with the car. Stopping 3ft further away and it would would be possible to use the hose with less curve than they used through the car. The damned hose is nearly 32ft long. It was just bullying by the fire workers aka ‘teaching a lesson.’ I just hope they got sued. Being in the right about somebody parking wrong gives you no right to damage something if it’s avoidable without problem.

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