Funny Protest Signs Ever Seen

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  1. Might want to watch what you post. These can and probably will be super offensive to some people…….

  2. And yet with Trump married to a foreign person this ended up not showing him as a xenophobic person but quite the contrary. He married a gorgeous, intelligent and charismatic woman. Who not only embraced her sexuality, but embraced family life too. So that meme totally backfired. 🙄

  3. I wish people would actually READ the bible correctly. God says he doesn’t like gay sex. He did after all make man and woman. So if gays are sinning having gay sex, “let he who is whithout sin, cast the first stone” who is perfect? Not the freaks who twist God’s word to suit themselves. If anyone actually took the time to read the bible in its entirely instead of snippets to be twisted to fit. You will discover that the only people God hates are liars!

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