Funny Things They Never Tell You In High School But That You Learn Instantly In College

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  1. I like how everyone on here is a college student and has zero grasp of the English language. I weep for the future.

    1. yeah, you’d think they would of been teached better so they could write gooder.

      and you don’t know how much it pained me to create the above sentence. it hurted alot.

    2. What are you talking about? I saw some “mistakes”, but I’d hardly say “everyone on here… has zero grasp” I weep for the future for an entirely different reason.

    3. English isn’t everyone’s first language. And not everyone is good at it. No need to be so judgmental.

  2. As a former college prof, at least once every other week I’d ask who wanted a cookie from the campus Subway, get someone to make a list, give them the money, and send them for cookies. I wanted a cookie and didn’t want to deny anyone else the chance.

  3. I have been to 4 colleges in my lifetime, I can’t relate to 90% of these. Not sure if I am happy or sad about that.

    1. Agreed. I had plenty of papers to write. For my Bachelor’s degree, 2500 words minimum (approx 400 words are one page), 1″ margin, 12 pt Times New Roman. For Master’s, 5000 word was not unheard of.

  4. The biggest problem with both High school and College….neither teaches you actual knowledge you will need for real life. Half of what I was taught is now realized as totally wrong. And the other half is useless info I will never use…so instead of making well rounded individuals you are really making a bunch of adults that have no clue as to how to be adults…

  5. When it comes to growing up, I just wanna say I cannot fucking wait to move to the south get myself a swing. I’m almost there.Aah

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