Genius Solutions To Problems That Many People Weren’t Even Aware Of (New Pics) || Funny Daily

To Issues That Lots Of People Weren't Even Knowledgeable About (Brand-new Photos)|| Amusing Daily
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Genius Solutions To Problems That Many People Weren’t Even Aware Of (New Pics) ||

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  1. I would like to see that nursing home! Those food boxes are all around our town. Here they are called blessing boxes.

    1. That’s for day programs for ppl w dementia ..called something like town hall or town center etc. In the usa can’t remember where.
      There is a fully integrated one in the Netherlands they can shop etc and just put the food back later…they can do daily stuff but be totally safe.

    1. Why?? I think it’s a perfect solution ! If you park like an a..hole and want to use two parking spaces, you have to pay for two !!

  2. Staying in Western Australia, I discovered our local greengrocer had a bin for outer leaves of vegetables so people could take them for chickens, poultry, etc. Any left over at the end of the day was composted. Very little was wasted.

  3. We should have those devices here for the cars not parked within the lines. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen spaces go unable to be used because some driver is too self-involved or lazy to park appropriately.

  4. 2:00 My oven has that but there’s a Start Time and End Time. End Time is not illuminated in this photo. It’s used for timed baking/cooking. The oven will turn on and off at the set times.

    1. @@nelliebly6616I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It’s almost guaranteed that there’s snow on the ground from December to April. During these times, I took other forms of transportation because bike riding was suicidal.

    1. Um ya…airports …for dogs and cats that’s where the propaganda furries pictures come from.

    1. Doesn’t have to be over the line, you have to park inside the lines and the front wheel was on the line.

  5. The stores where I live in idaho also have quiet times for those who experience sensory overload.

  6. Turn the studytable so its possible to watch the child without looking away,from the screen🎉

  7. Seniors and handicapped individuals should also have cards to use for handicapped stalls in public restrooms so a bunch of teenagers are using them to change clothes. It’s very annoying.

  8. So cool!! You are right. I was not aware of any of these. None of these exist in Toronto, Canada. I think!!

  9. The door knob on doctors door to stop little ones escaping, goes for short people too…..they hadn’t thought about that.

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