Heck, I’m Old – funny feeling old

Heck, I'm Old – funny sensation old

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Heck, I’m Old – funny feeling old

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  1. This is so sweet.Yep,I am officially old,from weird lineoleum designs to car cigarette lighters to the ‘get smart’ shoe phone.Ha ha ha.Thanks for this!!
    Memories from that time are so rich! 0:01
    And the pencil sharpener! Definitely confuses kids now.

    1. I had the linoleum on the far right in my kitchen, and I bought it new and we installed it ourselves. Wow.

    2. So, how do you sharpen a pencil these days? I have several pencil sharpeners I use frequently

    1. Would you tell me what that brown woven thing is at 816, I’m 58 and it’s the only thing I can’t recall.

  2. I am old and know all of these things. But the paper cutter I used in work 5 years ago. My current work doesn’t have one. But they should!

  3. Love the trip down memory lane. I remember them all. As well as the smell of the caps when you shot them off!

    1. Not only the cap guns, but those plastic rockets you put them in and when you threw them up and they hit the ground they went off.

    2. As soon as you mentioned the smell, I immediately had a whiff of it in my nostrils! Hadn’t thought about it for years!

  4. Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, what a great show that had such care and concern for the wild, and I was pure in love with Marlin Perkins…Anybody else have a party line on your phone, where you shared your phone line with several other families, and had to take turns using it, You had to learn your special ring, and try not to accidently answer other peoples phone calls. And if somebody else was talking on the line, you found out when you picked up the phone and heard their conversation. Yeah, it sucked. Also, the metal slide was a death trap and if it was hot and sunny and you were wearing shorts, you risked 2nd degree burns before hitting the bottom most likely on a concrete pad. You had to be tough to survive back then.

    1. I remembered Wild Kingdom,but couldn’t for the life of me remember Marlin Perkins name.Thank you for remembering. 😊

  5. I have a paper cutter and one of those pencil sharpeners here in the room with me. And use both. Square key door and ignition, round the trunk. “Oh, it’s just something I saw in the window”. You can still find the drinking bird in novelty shops. We actually used those pull tabs as fishing lures and they worked. Bus drivers and others used to wear those coin changers. School desks, duck and cover. Still have some church keys (they come in handy) and that’s 35mm film after developing. Let’s face it, some of us are so old, we fart dust. 🤓🤓

    1. Ahh the coin changers. Used to see them at A&W back when they were a drive in (and they made their root beer on site).

    2. @@pennywhistle9060 Yes, the Good Humor man. Also my FIL who was a Helms Bakery man for 30 years in the Venice area of LA.

  6. Boy,this brings back memories.Maybe not all of them,but I remember most of them.I was writing up a long list,then I lost it,damn computer.Will write more later.

  7. I feel so out of date now. Everything in here was part of my life at some point. Being small and trying to wrestle those heavy car doors is a memory. And sliding across the bench seats on the turns. That was in the pre-seat belt days.

  8. 0:00 Crank pencil sharpener, without it’s container. Had one in every classrooms.
    0:22 A hand guillotine, and yes, I’ve used some a few times.
    1:17 I remember a time BEFORE that shutdown screen. Before hard drives outside a main frame.
    1:38 I used to play with those… And not only as intended. Those dark spots are fulminate with a bit of black powder.
    1:45 Used and still have one in a box, somewhere.
    2:00 About 4000 to 5000 years to young😜
    3:48 Similar, but wooden body and metal handholds. Top of body about 3′ above the step.
    4:36 Headlight control to switch between low and high beam.
    5:36 Open the side along the dotted lines, cut the inner bag with a knife, pour milk in and enjoy.
    7:03 Mercurochrome. That stuff is mercury oxide dissolved in rubbing alcohol.

  9. Aww…A sweet trip down memory lane. I still get to enjoy Circus Peanuts and still have a few of these item’s. I miss those days.😥

  10. I’m 40, and I remember or recognize most of this from before my time. I’m not old; technology has just leaped that quickly.

  11. Born in 1960 and i remember all of these! Excuse me while i go and get my thing maker and make some creepy crawlers! LOL

  12. 44 seconds, over the years my parents had every one of those designs of linoleum in their house.

  13. I’m from Chile, most of the things you showed I was able to recognized…. I’m 51, borne in 1972, and I was a teenager on the 80’s. Life was so much better and funny… it doesn’t matter if you cut, hit, burn or even break a leg or arm… you just wipe yourself and continue playing with friends… THANKS for this beautiful memories you gave us… and please excuse me if I make mistakes… English is my second language… Bear hug!😊

  14. Fact: 30 yrs ago wasnt the 70s, it was 1994 (Jurassic Park time)…Fact: Youre old when your Music you heard in the 90s are now Classics…when you realise that the 99/00 change ist nearly a quarter century…when you say to your new young colleague you starts with working when Jimmy Carter was President (Carter= same Era like Roosevelt or Lincoln for them)…when you remember your feelings when you saw Star Wars A New Hope or Indiana Jones as Teenager in Cinema and realise that they are 48 and 44 yrs old…

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