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, I'm – amusing 3

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, I’m Old – feeling old 3

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  1. What irritates me is how many YT channels and followers don’t know basic history.
    OK, whatever generation claims they had it rough — heck, I grew up doing nuclear war safety drills. Don’t expect me to cry for your problems.

    71 years old.

  2. I don’t remember much of this, because I don’t live in America. Whoever compiles this, could you please remember there are people with memories beyond the borders of the USA.

    1. His memories from here.
      You can make one from where u are and post it instead of judging his content.
      Happy Saturday.

  3. Knowing that a lot of these my daughter remembers makes me older than dirt. I remember that you rolled your washing machine next to the sink so you got water then after the wash cycle was done you fed clothes through a wrangler. There was no spin on the washer. Then you drained water through a hose out the door. Refilled washer and put clothes without soap through a wash again for rinsing. My mom used a washboard before that. Then everything was hung to dry.

    1. Actually, it was “Sit Ubu Sit. Good dog”. Yes, I’m also that old. I still have no idea why he was called Ubu.

  4. did anyone remember the hand held football video game from 79, or eighty? the body was green and the screen was red. my brother and I battled every morning for first game.

  5. they still make those Root Beer Barrels Candies!
    Out Run I had for the NES
    Nestle Quik we even had the Strawberry version! I miss that one
    wish I could find one of those old dollar change machines
    Tato Skins are still made but they’re made by TGI Fridays now
    sit Ubu sit Good doog woof
    the laundry hamper I have now is a garbage can on wheels
    Sugar Daddies also had Sugar Babies!
    I want a Datsun/Nissan 280ZX!
    still got free air in a few places where I lives

  6. 45 so yep most of this was my childhood the older stuff we lived with our grandma so still knew what the stuff was yes even the Needle Threaders. 80s Tight rolled jeans most girls had Guess jeans big hair turleneck under a sweater or dress shirt with a thin chain necklace V-ing out of the turtleneck. lol Punky Bruster think her dogs name was Max don’t memeber I’M OLD DAMNIT can’t member it all lol the black dog holding the Frisbee who doesn’tmemeber the whole thing lol “Fetch Fido, Good Boy.” ✌️😊👍

  7. Punky Brewster. I don’t recall the dogs name.
    Faris, Captain kangaroo.
    I liked the holiday candy.
    Red thing was a bunch of games.
    Raisins. Singing soul music.
    Threaded needles with the silver thing with loop.
    I think my mom is still making payments on the encyclopedias.
    54 years young here.🙋🏿

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