HECK, I’M OLD – funny feeling old – Part 2

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HECK, I'M OLD – funny feeling old – Part 2

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  1. Recently at work I said I was counting the days until I could retire (in about 4 years – yes, I’m an old fart). The person I was speaking to said he felt the same. I told him to get over himself, because he wasn’t even born when I started working in 1981. He was born in 1986. I graduated from college in 1984. I’m old enough to be his mother.

  2. Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot and Judas Priest are now officially classic rock. I need to take a nap.

  3. I regret that I have but one thumbs up to give to this vid. I vibe with even the oldest references, here. I’m that old, and too stubborn to die. Jack Burton and Burt Gummer are my spirit animals. Jack: “Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.” Burt:”I was born to hold out!”

  4. Once, my teacher throws me out of the class for drilling eraser with the pencil 😊 And, just to mention, I am 55, but I remember that very clearly 😅

    1. Remember painting your desk with rubber cement, waiting for it to dry, then rolling it up to make fake boogers? Very popular joke among the boys in fourth grade!

  5. I still own the Portable Compaq PC – the very first model they introduced (they were subsequently bought over by HP years later). It has a 7″ monochrome screen and weighs a ton. Massive RAM capacity of 256KB, running MSDOS.

  6. The only thing at the firehouse that weirds me out more than having probies there who are young enough to be my kids is having probies there who go to school with my kids!

  7. The tape over the cassette so you can record on it. And if a strip got caught you cut and spliced using nail polish

  8. Had a new cardiologist start at my hospital. He seemed dubious of my expertise, until I pointed out I had been in practice for many years before he was born.

  9. I went to A Santana/BB King concert for $8. At that concert hey were selling draft beer in double thirstbuster cups (the kind you folded over and put a clip on) for $2.
    That same year, I saw Tower of Power and Cheech and Chong in concert…also for $8. Gas was 51 cents a gallon.
    ANDDDDD, there were no killer sexual diseases. If you caught anything, a big old shot in the rump would get rid of it.
    Remember “pop the clutch when I tell you!” to get the car started? I remember parking on a hill in high school because my starter was bad. That way I didn’t need to ask for a push to pop the clutch.

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