Hilarious Coworkers Who Should Get A Raise For Making Everyone’s Day (NEW PICS) || Funny Daily

Funny Who Ought To Get A Raise For Making Everybody's Day (BRAND-NEW PHOTO)|| Amusing Daily
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Who Should Get A Raise For Making Everyone’s Day (NEW PICS) ||

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  1. I can’t get on with the word coworker. I get stuck on the first three letters. I think if we did use it in the UK we’d write it co-worker, to keep the cows at bay. We would use colleague or workmate though I can see how the second might offend American sensibilities. Cow is mildly abusive here, you coul describe a woman as a stupid cow. Then there’s the Ozzie expression “a fair cow” to mean something very annoying or difficult, as in “the rail strike is a fair cow, I need to get to a wedding.”

    1. There is nothing abusive about the word coworker, and your dwelling on the word “cow” is a bit overly sensitive of you, IMHO. It’s like thinking the word “abusive” is about a bus.

    2. @AutumnForest862  it’s an unfamiliar word in the UK and the spelling without a hyphen jars. I see cow and every English word I know that begins with cow is pronounced like cow, and almost all are compounds with cow, like cowboy. Off the top of my head I can only think of cowl, like a monk’s hood, or the Scottish town of Cowdenbeath, or cowrie, the shell. So I have no mental programming for coworker, which invariably jars. I’m sure there are many English words that do the same for Americans, like my neighbouring county Berkshire, which in England is pronounced BARKSha.

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