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Amusing Experiences Of Individuals Getting Not What They Idea They Bought (NEW)||
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  1. Smaller than expected: if you’d bothered to look closely at the online pic, you’ll see there are glue sticks and liquid paper in the holder to the right. That shows its exact size. Admittedly the tiny iPhone is there to trick you…

  2. When will people learn? When it asks what name or message you want printed on cake, pen, card, etc. Just write the name, logo, or message you want. Not instructions or explanation. If you want it in purple, write UNDER the line. Make sure to get a copy of the order.

  3. I ordered an old fashioned, hand crank coffee grinder recently. It’s about half the size I expected. It does work well, though. It’s cute, and it doesn’t take up much space. I like it. Sometimes these things just work out.

  4. I keep telling you tube to stop sending me this videos, but they keep putting them in my feed. So I HAVE to watch them. Well, fine I’ll subscribe. YouTube 1, Jonathan 0.

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