Hilarious Photos To Slightly Amuse and Intrigue You || Funny Daily

Funny To A Little Entertain and Intrigue You|| Funny Daily
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Hilarious Photos To Amuse and Intrigue You || Funny Daily

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  1. Great collection! They do a great job shaving those camels, very unique and beautiful done!

  2. The frog on a fish thing is quite common and can actually kill the fish involved. The frog are always randy males without a mate who decide to go for a fish instead. Sometimes they hold on so tightly that the fish can’t move its gills and drowns. This is very common in home aquariums where people introduce a frog to a tank containing fishes.

    1. @@jackysjournals6320 Yes it is when there is only one species of fish. However when you are talking about more than one species the plural is fishes. So a tank of Guppies for instance is a tank full of fish, but if you have a tank of Guppies and Platies it is a tank full of fishes.

    2. @@hawkpaul8735 if you say so but I’ve never heard the expression “there’s plenty more fishes in the sea” 😏

  3. The cat paw prints is so typical of cats – sees fresh paint and makes its presence known

  4. What would happen if a police dog ate a police rabbit . 😢and if anyone says it would be a hare raising experience, I’ll be upset .

    1. ​​​@@Kualinar yes, quite a “harey” situation. Well, I’d better “hop” to the next set of comments! 🥬🐇😅👍

  5. I didn’t know baby otters looked like newborn kittens! You really do learn something new everyday!

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