Hilarious Pics That Sum Up The Phrase, “You Had One Job” (New Pics) || Funny Daily

Amusing Pics That Summarize The Expression, "" (New Pics)|| Amusing Daily
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That Sum Up The Phrase, “” (New Pics) || Funny Daily

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  1. DAMN. Are people getting wasted BEFORE they go to work??? I always waited until my work day was over FIRST. 🤨

  2. 9:58 What on God’s green earth is a “memorial reef”? I mean literally, what is the point?

    1. Know what it is (one’s ashes are made part of a concrete structure which attracts fish). Just don’t know how it can be “on it’s face”.

    2. @@patchdavis35 It can be “on its face” because it is pyramid shaped (with no bottom) and it has tipped onto one of the triangular sides or “faces”. That being said, my original question remains… what’s the point?

    3. @@just_passing_through Well, people who live near the water, who fish for a living, want to take comfort believing that the remains of their loved ones are helping to provide cover and habitat (since all the natural reefs are being lost) for fish populations.

  3. VE LO is French, short for velocipede. But the three kids aren’t in the picture.

  4. Speaking of having one job, how about having ‘somebody’s house down the block’ at 1:06?

  5. little surprise at the Job interview: “sorry, but our Dark Room is not ready jet” …

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