Hilarious Situations When People Had One Job And Failed Miserably

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Artist: incompetech.com.

Hilarious Situations When People Had One Job And Failed Miserably

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  1. 2:50 That’s pretty common. That and those set to low, so that the water barely leave the nozzle.
    5:25 The crooked part was built a few years BEFORE the rest of the neighbourhood.
    6:30 It take some serious skill AND intent to build a wall that way.
    10:50 It’s even worst than that. The SAT test sheets got destroyed, and the student where offered to retake the CTA test for free.

  2. Really demonstrates IMO how many people must just be going through their daily jobs on a sort of miserable autopilot… ☹️ That, or how many half-assed rush jobs get demanded every day! 🙄

    1. If you ever work in retail or civil mechanic/engineering/contractor ooohhh boooyy yup ! All you can do is sigh GOD WE ARENT GET PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS BS

  3. 8:45 is actually eight, if you are not a blind person like BossDT, you would see the “if you were in a car accident” is blue and next is “would you know what to do?” It’s black, so it represents the sentence. It’s separated. Not together like it’s going from up to down of like “what accident should I do today?” So obviously it’s right.

  4. 10:21 is just fake. The one on the left is the good one, but the one of the right one is just placed with a cap from another drink, that easy.

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