Hilarious Times Pets Didn’t Get Away With Stealing Food (NEW) || Funny Daily

Hilarious Times Pets Didn't Get Away With (NEW)|| Daily
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Hilarious Times Pets Didn’t Get Away With (NEW) || Funny Daily

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  1. My cat cleans the yogurt cup when I’m finished, then has an intense whisker cleaning. It’s so cute!

    1. My dog did that with individual trifle pots! He always had a bit of cream on the end of his nose afterwards. Miss you, Freeway!

  2. The older of my parents’ cats is genuinely convinced that if she moves very slowly she is invisible. She’ll crouch and slowly stalk food from across the open floor in full view of three people, and always be surprised when it never works. Honestly, we think she learned it from Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  3. My sister’s dog picked green tomatoes from the garden (only green,) but what really surprised me was when I was cleaning out the freezer one day, and dropped an opened bag of corn on the cob. I forgot all about it till I went down the hall and found my two cats happily munching away on crunchy, cold, uncooked corn cobs.

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