Hilarious Tweets From Parents Who Made It Through Another Month (March Edition) || Funny Daily

Humorous Tweets From Parents Who Made It Through Another Month (March Edition)|| Amusing Daily
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Hilarious Tweets From Parents Who Made It Through Another Month (March Edition) ||

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    1. It’s just the music, maybe they liked the sound. Besides, no law that says you can only listen to it at Christmas time.

    2. @@elizabethcox5911 when did anybody say there was a law against it? I’m sorry you managed to get so bent out of shape over a simple question!

  1. 21:25 reminds me of when my daughter was very little, and we were going through a Disney book. I pointed to Micky and asked: “What’s this?” And she answered: “Mouse.” Then I pointed at Donald, she: “Duck.” Then I pointed at Goofy, and she said: “Daddy.”

  2. 11:25 I’m pretty sure every mother can do that. When my kids say: “Moooom! You’re sooo cringe!” I usually answer “That’s part of the job description.”

  3. 22:08 sister, mom and i going to lunch with 3 grandchildren. Sister;, Let’s have the kids at a different table! Me; panicking thinking of my 2 sons 15′ away from me in a public place. Despite my concerns, sis insisted. 7 min later her prim 8 yo daughter is sitting, horrified, with my son’s 4 and 7 with their legs wiggling above the table while heads are under the table examining how much gum was under the table! Kids will be kids, whatever the hell THAT is! To think we have control is a joke. I ran over and told them not to eat any of the gum!

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