Hilariously Accurate Posts About Children’s Temper Tantrums || Funny Daily

Hilariously Accurate Posts About Kid's Mood || Amusing Daily
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Hilariously Accurate Posts About ’s Temper Tantrums || Funny Daily

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    1. @@laurafranich4807 I’m the dad… they didn’t seem to listen as well for mom…must be my voice…can be deep and serious???

    2. @@laurafranich4807 just had to look at them….and I swear, that I can count all the spankings on one hand, with fingers left over… maybe just lucky!?

  1. Remember a tantrum of my then 2 y o daughter because she didn´t want to wear a coat when we went out shopping by foot. Weather was a bit too chilly, so we covered her with the coat. I told her that if the police sees that, they will take her with them. Suddenly we saw a police car coming around the next street corner.
    Never knew she could put her coat on herself without any help from us, and in light speed!!!

  2. My sister’s 7 year old had a massive meltdown because there was no boxing on boxing day😂,when she was told to go to her room for 15 minutes she finished off by storming out of the room shouting “You treat us like kids!”😂😂😂

    1. ALLOWS. I said it and I meant it. Be the parent, control your child, not the other way around!​@@kathrynnewhall5687

    1. They didn’t really charge a fee for this. They put it on the receipt to get their attention, but they were not actually charged extra.

  3. If my brother or l had acted like that, we would’ve gotten blistered butts, and eat it, or go hungry.

  4. First born didn’t have tantrums. Observed it being successful strategy in preschool. When he did in front of us, we busted up laughing! Therapist said that it wasn’t appropriate response. I thought it was perfect! When you do something outlandish people are going to laugh. Kids need to learn that. WDYT?

  5. Are these comments “jokes”? If they’re real, no wonder there is so much Entitlement with no boundaries with kids. Society has enough monsters…!!! Bring “PARENTING” Back!!

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