Home Inspectors Share The Funniest And Most Questionable Things They’ve Seen On The Job

Share The And A Lot Of Doubtful Things They've Seen On The Job
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Share The Funniest And Most Questionable Things They’ve Seen On The Job

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  1. All but a very few of these I just watched on another channel that was posted 1 year ago. That being said. How the hell does a dryer catch fire like that?

    1. @@QueenSunstar Wow, and I thought that would only make the drying time longer. That was one helluva fire too.

    1. Yeah. Doesn’t look like spider webs; doesn’t look like glue. Residue from some weird kind of insulation no longer used?

  2. 5:15 That ice will NOT melt completely by the end of the Summer. It MAY melt completely just in time for the next Winter.
    6:10 What is it ? A wall that need to get demolished and rebuilt. That’s what it is.
    7:45 Betlejuice inspired house…

  3. 3:37 Jumper cables power line extension. Okay, back in my day, at work (1970’s-ish) there was a saying: “THAT puts pucker marks on my chair!”
    3:49 NO WAY is that a fixed-price contract to fix.
    4:58 That takes a very special kind of stupid. OR, the parents have life insurance out on the kid.
    6:49 Wasp mask. I’d freak. I’d be calling the cops claiming I’d found a body. Then I’d go off into a corner and have a quiet attack of the heebie-jeebies.

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