Lucky People Who Avoided Disasters In Unbelievable Ways

Who Avoided Disasters In Unbelievable Ways

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Who Avoided Disasters In Unbelievable Ways

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  1. I remember reading a story in my local newspaper many years ago about a person who was almost hit by a bullet (similar to the one in this video in which the bullet went through a window). A motorist dropped his cigarette while driving and bent down to pick it up. Just then a bullet came through his open window where his head had been before bending down. Naturally being a smoker (who routinely come up with all kinds of ridiculous reasons to continue smoking) he credited his cigarette for saving his life but that is very short sighted. In the first place he almost certainly slowed down when he leaned over to retrieve his cigarette and doing so put his car directly in the path of the bullet. Had he not slowed down the bullet would have went behind the car. Moreover he almost certainly took extra time at home before leaving to grab his pack of cigarettes and spent time lighting one, again slowing him down. Without these slow downs he would have been well ahead of the bullet. It is even possible he stopped at a store to buy the cigarettes and without this stop he would have been miles away from the bullet. So the cigarette did not save his life; it almost got him killed.

  2. One: those coins are worth keeping😁
    Two: A lot of people’s guardian angels were on the job keeping them safe!

  3. We were in a 150 car accident on I 75 in Michigan USA at the Sashabau exit. Got hot by 6 cars. We drove our station wagon to the store and home. It was bent in half but we made it home.

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