Mildly Infuriating 「 3 」

Slightly Frustrating 3.
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  1. That pic of the truck that said I used wrenches not chopsticks it said he was a Japanese man and in the mirror it a female

  2. Where I live, it is legal for bicyclists to ride two to a traffic lane. Would it be nice/ polite for them to either fall back or speed up and ride for a bit in just the bicycle lane? Yes. Usually only see this if there is either no traffic or a lot of bicyclists.

  3. 8:35 I’m all about telling people about the gospel. But that’s just rude not to tip your waiter who is probably already struggling to afford to get by. Trying to tell people about Jesus that way is just going to make them not want Him. It would be much better to show them the beautiful grace of God by being generous with the tip and then leaving a verse encouraging them to ask Jesus to be their savior.

  4. Being paid minimum wage to clear stickers off toilets? More offended by a sticker than someone who can’t clean up after their bodily functions. There’s a reason they’re in a minimum wage job. I also don’t think they clean bathrooms 24/7

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