Mildly Infuriating Moments That Will Astonish You!

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Mildly That Will Astonish You!

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  1. 9:20 wtf? Since when you have to take off your Shoes at a Doctors Office? Is this new?
    Take them off at home, yes, but not there.

  2. The riddle does make sense. However their answer does not make sense. How many fives between 0 and 75. Answer: 17

  3. 2:30 The solution to the riddle is twofold …… 17…….. and the people who asked the question like to go to seminars, meetings, workshops and other useless endeavors YET; can never see the forest for the trees. You hear this everyday if you work with a corporate “team”.

    1. Please demonstrate your answer. I can understand the answer 9 and I count 10 number 5’s. Just stating that it is 17 or 18 and then some burble about teams makes no sense.

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