Mildly Infuriating Photos..πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘

Slightly Infuriating Pictures.

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Mildly Infuriating Photos..πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘

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  1. @ 13:07. I feel sorry for that grade 1 child. If this is a school assignment the teacher should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Actually, it’s a stupid concept question anyway for that age group. No wonder high school grads have difficulty reading and writing. Just what are they teaching? Same rant applies to 13:29.

  2. I really hope that first one wasn’t GeekSquad. They did a great job with my TV wall mount, very professional crew.

    1. All of the others were some kind of item. This had a group of animals, with a cage background, when most 1st graders don’t know the word hare.

    2. @cybercat I thought it had to start with a T. All the others did and you can see the child was practicing his T’s. I was thinking pets, then I noticed the T’s.

  3. It wasn’t someone who took a bite out of that doughnut in the supermarket. It could very well be something like a pest because none of the staff noticed it.

  4. Uhhh…. MSG still causes issues with people, there is an actual thing called MSG headaches. So, good to know my noodles won’t give me a headache.

  5. 7:47 The magic eye contains a 3D picture of a galleon , but I realise that some people just cannot see the objects in these creations. My younger son cannot.

  6. 7:25 When people inconvenience you and everyone else by parking like that, don’t just bend over and take it, return the favor by letting 2/3 of the air out of a couple of their tires.

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