Mildly Infuriating Situations That Can Be the Ultimate Patience Test

That Can Be the Ultimate Test

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That Can Be the Ultimate Test

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  1. This is so cool😂 apparently 2 orders are mixed up and i think both of them are in the video 😂 the paint one that received an iPhone and the phone one that received paint😅

  2. There are many reasons why the parking lot at the nursing home is empty. If the patient is well enough, they have been taken home with family to enjoy dinner for one. If it is a memory care facility the patient has no clue what day it is. And family may have come the day before or will the day after. Some patients have no living family left. And if you really want to show thanks please appreciate the staff who gives up their thanksgiving to take care of the patients. Guilt tripping is an awful fake virtue game. Stop it. Please. Thank you.

  3. Some of these are more than “mildly irritating”. Tip for disposing used cooking oil: I save empty pickle jars, sauce jars, peanut butter and mayonnaise jars. After the oil cools just pour it into a jar and toss it into the trash. If I’m out out jars, I’ll use a couple of empty bread bags (make sure there are no holes) pour the used oil into the bag. Tie bag securely and throw it away.

  4. Someone referring to they fiance as ‘they’ is probably the most irritating thing on this video. Nobody does that, the caption was added by a third party, and an extremely stupid one. The word is from French and is gendered, so fiance refers to a man.

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