Mildly Infuriating Things That Can Test Our Composure

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Things That Can Test Our Composure

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  1. 00:07 how much you wanna bet someone got this as a gift and regifted it to this poor dude lol (it’s a wine bottle holder and cork btw if you’re wondering lol)

  2. 2.44 Self Checkout. Because most people hate the self checkout, and it’s probably quicker or less stressful to take your chance in the queue?

  3. Very can damage your car to leave it running in winter. Northern state, like Minnesota, have heaters on the engine, and don’t need to run it to warm up.

  4. Lessons learned: DO NOT use Uber Eats, Door Dash, Walmart Delivery, etc. Get up and get it yourself. Problem solved.

    1. Yeah not only are a lot of them careless with your food but how much you wanna bet it was the uber eats guy that ATE that person’s fries lol

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