Mildly Interesting | Amsterdam has urinals out in the open on this public street

|Amsterdam has urinals exposed on this public street

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| Amsterdam has urinals out in the open on this public street

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    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. 1943 silver penny. Hope they didn’t just spend it.

  1. Does anyone know where the bar that makes the Leeloo Dallas Multipass is and what’s in the drink? I love the 5th Element and Leeloo was my nickname from my ex boyfriend that was killed in a home invasion years ago so i would absolutely love to be able to get somehow get one

    Edit: i think every McDonald’s has the 30 min time limit. I used to work in one and it had the same sign

  2. The “harmless weather instrument” was a small sensor sent into the atmosphere by balloon They send out many thousands each year and they appreciate if they are returned (should have a self-addressed mailing bag inside) to be reused.

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